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The Nurtured Heart Approach (R): Nurturing the hearts of children to live in their greatness!

Parenting at home, in the classroom at a school or child development center, and on the field with children in the community with utilizing this approach is positive and effective!

This approach will steer the intense child towards success and it allows every child to flourish and to live out and in their greatness!

ADHD? Discipline Problems at Home and/or School? Asperger’s/Autistic Spectrum Disorders?  Oppositional Defiant Behavior?

To all parents, caregivers, mental health counselors, and social workers who are raising and nurturing children with intense behaviors.

The Nurtured Heart Approach(R)

Transforming the Difficult Child Workbook: An Interactive Guide to The Nurtured Heart Approach

Description: Intensity is a gift that needs to be nurtured. How do we accomplish this and help our children to fully flourish and thrive – even be GREAT – in an ever-challenging world? Traditional approaches to dealing with a children’s intensity can easily make situations worse and damage our very precious relationships with the children in our lives. The Nurtured Heart Approach(R)  has been proven to create GREATNESS in even the most intense children – very quickly and in inspiring and lasting ways. Children learn to believe in themselves and have confidence in successes that flow from investing intensity, intelligence and life force into positive action. Attend and you will leave with a powerful set of skills you can use immediately to help children live life in positive ways – and flourish!

Reference book: Transforming the Difficult Child Workbook: An Interactive Guide to The Nurtured Heart Approach by Howard Glasser.

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To all teachers, school administrators, sports team coaches, and guidance counselors who work with children with intense behaviors and are looking for an approach to intentionally engage all children reach their heart!

The Inner Wealth Initiative: The Nurtured Heart Approach for Educators

Reference book: The Inner Wealth Initiative: The Nurtured Heart Approach for Educators by Tom Grove and Howard Glasser. This is a full day training.


The Nurtured Heart Approach(R)?

The Nurtured Heart Approach is a strategy developed for teachers and parents to quickly and successfully manage behaviors of challenging children. This approach allows the average child to meet with success on a daily basis.

Learn how to positively impact children’s successful behavioral choices while at the same time not fueling the negative choices children sometimes makes.

The Nurtured Heart Approach(R) allows children to FEEL successful!

Click here to learn the how the “emotional energy” of significant adults impacts students and children!

A suggested and effective way to learn the approach includes:

Attend and learn from an overview of the approach at a one hour workshop.

Attend a one day training to gain a comprehensive understanding to then return to your classroom or home to apply the approach.

or attend a 6 week Transformation for Healthy Living party in your community.

Your full day training will look like this:

AM One: Welcome and Introduction to The Nurtured Heart Approach(R).

AM Two: In depth description of the first two components of the Nurtured Heart Approach followed by a break out practice session.


PM three: In depth description of the last two components of the Nurtured Heart Approach followed by a break out practice session.

PM four: Develop product for implementing the Nurtured Heart Approach in each participants’ own work, classroom, and home environment.

Schools that use The Nurtured Heart Approach find:

  1. Special Education counts go down.
  2. Teachers retention rate increases.
  3. Teachers have more time to teach.
  4. Bullying becomes nonexistent.
  5. School Suspension is reduced by 60%.
  6. Need for medication for impulse control is dramatically reduced.

Parents who use The Nurtured Heart Approach find:

  1. They enjoy being parents again.
  2. They feel successful as parents.
  3. They find there is less anger and more happiness in their home
  4. They love seeing their children succeed
  5. They want all parents to know about this approach.

To all children who are in their early years, middle school years, and high school years!

“You will be offered a positive social approach to encourage your success by teachers, school administrators, child care providers, and parents who will now be trained in the Nurtured Heart Approach.”

Children need to feel stronger on the inside to be successful and productive in today’s world. Traditional approaches often fall short of promoting the higher level of inner strength. We feel it is time and essential for children to successfully handle the growing levels of stress and pressure they frequently face. When children are led to feeling successful and great on the inside they begin to think from a focal point of success and begin to act-out GREATNESS.

The Inner Wealth Initiative, created by Tom Grove and Howard Glasser brings forth a detailed view of how the Nurtured Heart Approach has turned the corner in bringing educators not only a method that works but that brings forth the greatness in every child, even the most challenging children in the classroom.

Classroom management: Teachers are trained in methods of classroom management which can often backfire with challenging children. The group of children who are challenging continues to grow. They need more “inner wealth” than all other children in order to make their lives work and help them to feel successful.

Quick, nurturing, powerful: The Nurtured Heart Approach quickly brings children to a much deeper and more residing sense of being powerful in positive ways. The Nurtured Heart Approach provides children with wonderful first-hand experiences of being respectful, responsible, thoughtful, considerate and capable. Kids who feel wealthy on the inside manifest this in compassionate ways in every aspect of their lives.

You will learn: Skillful teachers and administrators always hold children accountable for problem behaviors but they always reserve their animated and energized responses for positive behaviors … and they have an uncanny ability to strategically see and create positive behaviors. With that in place, resetting problem behaviors can be amazingly effective and easy.

No more rewards of inappropriate energy: Lectures, reprimands and raised voices are not appropriate consequences as most adults believe, but rather are rewards of energy and relationship that deepen a challenging child’s impression that he or she gets greater “connection” through adversity.

Simple to turn around what may appear to be ADHD: What appears to be ADHD most often is simply a habitual response by the child to his environment. Medications must be reserved as a last resort only as the side effects can be devastating. Learn more!

Fortunately, this situation is simple to turn around. There is nothing that cannot be accomplished with an approach that works. Teachers and parents desperately need the kinds of strategies that can quickly have an enormous impact. Without interventions like The Nurtured Heart Approach they can easily be swept into the throes of a bad year… and everyone suffers. Most teachers and school faculties are underexposed to techniques that really work for the difficult child.

Success stories: Applications of The Nurtured Heart Approach(R) have been enormously successful. Since 1994, tens of thousands of teachers around the world have received this training and have had consistent experiences of not only shifting the intense child into using their great energies in constructive, creative and successful ways, but of seeing the average child flourish well beyond normal expectations.

Ways to offer the training: Advanced Community Education suggests that the school register two or more teachers in order to return to your school to then implement the approach. As the approach is used in the classroom, teachers in the same building will notice a positive change and they, too, will want the training. Schoolwide training is the most effective way to truly impact behaviors and reaping the benefits of the approach.

Train and implement the Nurtured Heart Approach by inviting a certified trainer to your school to train school staff. Offer a training each year to continue the approach and to teach the approach to new staff.

This quick and easy approach works well with PBIS and it actually makes PBIS more effective. The Nurtured Heart Approach(R) works well in a school where the program of PBIS has not implemented. The Nurtured Heart Approach(R) works well with individual students, in the classrooms, in the gym, and outdoor at recess.

Energize the student, the student will feel great, and the student will perform!

Join Advanced Community Education for the opportunity to advance and improve your strategies and approach of your relationship with your child and children.

Contact Advanced Community Education to schedule a training.

To learn more, Howard Glasser and improved school outcomes.

Our children are worthy of our investment of our time and energy to learn how we can foster inner wealth in our children.

What are people saying about the Nurtured Heart Approach(R)?

From a local school educator: “I am attending with 6 parents so that we provide consistency for home and school behavior management.”
From a local mental health counselor: “During a therapy session with a parent and a child, I explain a part of the strategy to the parent and within 20 minutes, the parent experiences immediate results”

“Thank you and we are excited to bring this opportunity to the Lakes Region and we look forward to offering this training again.”


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