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How are you managing your time with your children after a long exhausting day of work?

You really want to enjoy quality time with your children yet there are so many transitions and obstacles that seem to get in the way of having high quality time. Transitions of picking up your children after school or child care, arriving home to discover that you need to clean up the dishes after you darted out in the morning, the challenge of finding ingredients and creating a dinner for the family, and on top of this, your child is expected to complete homework, spend time with siblings and parents, bath and to bed at a reasonable time so that they can get the needed sleep to do it all again the next day. During the weekends, sports, grocery shopping, clothes shopping, running errands, fixing the car, cleaning the bathrooms, changing out bedsheets, doing the piles of laundry, are all things that need to get done yet you want to spend quality time with your kids! Here and there, on the radio and TV and in the newspapers, you learn that kids are becoming obese, being bullied, need to get good grades and perform well on tests, should make friends, should get along well with their siblings, learn to organize their schedule, attend school every day, graduate from high school on time, and prepare for college.

How are you expected to enjoy quality time when the obstacles are in the way?

How do you fit it all in when you see your kids challenging you at every turn? How are you expected to raise a child in today’s world when there are so many tasks to take care of? How can you find the time to strengthen your relations with your child when your child is being disobedient, arguing with you, saying inappropriate words, fighting with siblings, refusing to do homework, not wanting to get out of bed in the morning and not complying when it is time to go to bed at night?

CPR – Control of energy, Purposeful choice of words, Respect for yourself and your family

You can have that quality time with your children. We can climb that mountain together as you begin to understand this way of building relations with your child by implementing CPR. Control of your energy, Purposeful choice of words, with respect for yourself and your children.

It truly can happen! You can transform your home life from average to beautiful.

Make time with your kids count!

I will personally guide you to create and allow time with your kids count! Together we can transform your relations with your children to high quality times that will create great emotional feelings of success in your family.

Restore the importance of the central family 

together we climb to reach the top … the prize of peace is waiting …


With dedication to transformation for healthy living, we can restore the importance of the central family of the bygone years even when both parents work. There is no time for harsh words, reprimands, and lectures as the time and energy spent on these angry acts cut into the high quality time that you are looking for.

In your busy life, each and every moment with your child counts! Together, we can turn the moments into high quality, emotionally satisfying empowerment with a controlled use of energy and purposeful choice of words.

All parents are stressed

All parents are stressed yet there is a respectful way to enjoy each and every moment of the day that we spend with the kids. As you become confidant that your control of energy and purposeful choice of words gives you and your family the respect that they deserve, you will experience a higher level of enthusiasm for parenting, raising, nurturing, and teaching your children.

Your new sense of freedom and happiness that you experience in your family will radiate into your work and your play. Your satisfaction with life experiences will give yourself confidence as you become skilled to recognize your emotions. Learn how to give yourself permission to recognize your emotions and then move on to your next success. Together we can take the steps needed to climb the mountain that will permit your family to feel emotionally engaged to realize life’s sweetness, security, and focused freedom.

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Nurtured Heart Parent Workshops and Individual Family/Parent Training

  • Designed to quickly promote knowledge and application of the NHA, whether in group or individual training
  • Empower you with the transformative ability to consciously create and energize success, to never energize negativity, to establish clear rules, and to always provide consequences when rules are broken (without energizing/rewarding negativity).
  • Offer a means of adult-child communication that results in an increased likelihood of compliance and that create an emotionally healthy vocabulary of “positivity.”
  • Transforms child’s/teens negative self image into a healthy, positive self image that promotes a sense of competence, self-mastery, and self-control.
  • Promotes an overall pattern of positive interactions between adults and children, which in turn, promotes a sense of connectedness that is healing for damaged relationships or creates healthy, new relationships with adults.
  • Helps children learn to meet their needs for love/connection, power/control, and freedom/autonomy through positive, successful ways of thinking and behaving rather than relying on old patterns of negative thought and behavior.
  • Improve academic performance and behavior at home and school
  • Improved social interactions and the ability to form and maintain friendships
  • Significantly reduce adult’s stress, time interacting with school over academic and behavioral problems, and time spent managing and disciplining challenging children.
  • Enhanced feelings of competence and success as a parent.
  • Experiencing the joy, satisfaction, and peace of mind that accompanies witnessing and sharing in the positive transformations occurring in your child’s life

This powerful and transformative method of adult-child interaction is designed to benefit all youth, especially those who demonstrate challenging and intense behaviors.

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