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Event location is tentative.

Save The Date!  April 22, 2017 from 11am to 12pm in Beverly, MA at the Beverly Public Library in the Barnet Gallery! This one hour preview of The Nurtured Heart Approach® is presented by Deborah Rosato, M.Ed, CAGS, certified through the Children’s Success Foundation as an Advanced Trainer in The Nurtured Heart Approach®.

You will have the opportunity to purchase at a discounted price the books “The Inner Wealth Initiative: The Nurtured Heart Approach for Educators” by Tom Grove and Howard Glasser with Melissa Block and “Transforming the Difficult Child Workbook: An Interactive Guide to The Nurtured Heart Approach for Parents, Teachers, Practitioners and all other Caregivers” by Howard Glasser, Joann Bowdidge and Lisa Bravo.

Email register@TransformationForHealthyLiving.com to express your interest! Walk-ins are welcome until room is filled to capacity. Thank you in advance for showing gratitude and respect by arriving prior to the start time of 11am.

For more information on the approach, visit AdvancedCommunityEd.com, TransformationForHealthyLiving.com and ChildrensSuccessFoundation.com.

SAVE THE DATE! April 22, 2017 for parents, caregivers, practitioners, teachers

Save The Date!  April 22, 2017! A training is being scheduled at a location in Beverly MA for a one hour preview of The Nurtured Heart Approach®.

You will have the opportunity to purchase the books “The Inner Wealth Initiative: The Nurtured Heart Approach for Educators” by Tom Grove and Howard Glasser with Melissa Block and “Transforming the Difficult Child Workbook: An Interactive Guide to The Nurtured Heart Approach for Parents, Teachers, Practitioners and all other Caregivers” by Howard Glasser, Joann Bowdidge and Lisa Bravo.

Email register@AdvancedCommunityEd.com to express your interest!

ADHD meds are over-rated….


Upcoming Transformation for Healthy Living workshop

Nurtured Heart in the classroom

From a substitute teacher

I was teaching 8th grade reading yesterday.

There are 8 periods in the day and each period I get new students and sometimes tutors along with them.  One period there was a sub for the tutor.  She was an older lady, whom I later found out was a retired college lecturer and inspirational speaker.  She continues to travel throughout the area and does workshops for children (of all ages) and adults (when she’s not subbing).

It was a very difficult, rowdy class, and they came into the room very loud and had a hard time settling down.  I began the class by giving a general statement of thanks to those children who came right in and settled down in preparation for work.  I continued on with the directions and explained that I was willing to make special accommodations for seating, but there would be consequences if they were unable to focus.   After they were all settled in their preferred spots, I circulated; praising those students I knew usually had a hard time, but at that moment were working. There was quit a bit of redirection with a few.

Towards the end of the class the sub/tutor approached me and said that I was a great sub.  She had never before seen a sub use the “approach” I had used and she was impressed.  She went on to explain that all too often she see’s subs and teachers that can’t control the classroom properly and she really enjoyed working with me.

So – that was nice and made me feel good.  Luckily only 2 of my classes were “energetic” and the rest were very well behaved.  I was sure to give them lots of thanks for their cooperation.

It’s amazing how it seems to have more of an effect on the High Schoolers.

I was subbing at the High School for an English teacher.  The students were not special ed in any way – but definitely under achievers!  You should also know that in our school system, unless you are on the honors track, the work is pretty much spoon fed to you.

When I walked into the class and explained that we had a lot to get done, they immediately started whining about actually having to do work.  “Can’t we work on homework from other classes”, “Can’t you just photo copy the notes so we don’t have to write them down”, etc.  I said something like “You don’t even have to use your brain – just copy all the notes I’m giving you”.  They thought that was funny, so they started warming up to me. I made them a promise that if they worked hard I would take 15 min at the end of class to read out loud from their book (Animal Farm).  They liked this idea, because for homework they had to read 3 chapters.

We began with 10 minutes of silent reading.  It took a while for them to settle down, but eventually they did.  I was sure to congratulate them on their focus several times while it was quiet.  Then we started with the notes.  Anything that involved reading – I read to them and then they copied notes from the overhead which was just filling a word or two into a worksheet (the rest of the sentence already written for them).  They complained throughout the note taking and I just kept telling them how great they were doing and how much farther along we were than the teacher had thought we would be. She had left a note that if I was “losing them”, I could stop halfway through”.  So it was a process of notes – then congratulating them – notes – congratulating them…….and eventually we finished them all!

About ¾ of the way through, the girl who was the worst complainer, clearly the laziest, most spoiled whiner of them all said to me “I love how you keep telling us how great we’re doing!  It really makes me feel like I want to keep going”. And she did.  She got every note down!

PS. While I was at the High School I experienced something new that would probably fit into the NHA theory.  The 2 teachers across from my room were in the hallway between classes and while hundreds of children passed by on their way to their next class they clapped and loudly and to every child said things like “great job this week – have a great weekend” or “you did fantastic work this week”.  They whooped and hollered and cheered.  At first it felt very silly and embarrassing – they were VERY loud, but after a while I could tell that this infectious upbeat message began seeping into the consciousness of these grumpy, sullen teenagers and made them start to feel good about themselves.  It was a powerful thing.

Back to the basics

Teaching can be a wonderful experience when you see each child as an alert mind that craves to absorb information through all the senses. When you set out to plan your lessons, be sure to include the visual, the experience of touch, the sense of sound, the taste for the topic and the smell of the environment when you are teaching it.

Becoming one with your classroom and your students will emotionally impact the minds and hearts of your students. While meeting the needs for the senses, it is critical to stay in tune with your words to each and every student. It is in the balance of who you are that impacts the learning of the students. We all know who the wonderful teachers are, who the strict teachers are, and who the teachers are who have the most impact on student learning.

Creating an environment using the Nurtured Heart Approach will inevitably foster student learning. The strategies that create the aura of the classroom will be integrated into the mind and hearts of the students to enhance the emotional learning of the curriculum. Planning the emotional and social curriculum in line with the lessons brings out the greatness of each student while fostering creativity and confidence in all students. Each student will feel welcome in the diverse classroom. Each student will have a sense of belonging which provides emotional stability to be on task for learning.

Call Debbie today to find out how you can foster a learning environment where students are ready to learn. Invite Debbie to come into your school to teach the Nurtured Heart Approach to all teachers for great effectiveness.


2012 and the happy new year

Goals … transformation … rejuvenation and making changes. It’s a new year and time to reflect on the past year and to set goals to change to improve your life. If you have found yourself reading this, think about your relationship with your children. Are you continually dealing problem behaviors? Is ADD or ADHD a part of your child’s life? Is there a learning disability impacted your child’s every move and their abilities in school and at home? Is there a social behavior that you would like to mold into a more concrete positive way of working out problems?

Contact Deb today to schedule a Transformation for Healthy Living Party. TransHeLP is awakening in 2012 and available to learn and implement in your daily conversations to positively impact your child’s future.

Time is precious. Healthy Living is promoted through the Nurtured Heart Approach to relationships. Find out the ways to change your outlook to your own situations and to help your child work their way through situations in a positive way.

Parenting and summer ..

Summertime … kids are home more now and they are influenced by what you do, what you say, and where you focus your energy. With these brilliant minds not focusing on academics as they would during school days, they can now be focused on nature, board games, building family relationships, crafts and hobbies, and outdoor activities.

As parents of any age child whether they are 2 and toddling, 5 and asking why, 8 and choosing to play video games, or 15 and texting with their friends and asking to meet their friends out and about, You DO have an influence on their values and beliefs – mostly because they are home more within the walls of your home and being influenced by every ounce of energy that you put forward.

With the use of the Nurtured Heart Approach to building relationships and influencing challenging behaviors, you will encourage great relationships, earn respect, and help your child to identify and understand through their actions, their own core beliefs and values that you have instilled in them while raising them.

Learn today the skills and strategies of the Nurtured Heart Approach through attending “Transformation for Healthy Living Parties” – 4 parties held for 4 weeks where parents of same age children get together to learn the strategies and to then go home and implement the strategies.

Make time with your kids count!

I will personally guide you to create moments and give you strategies to allow time with your kids count! Together we can transform your relations with your children to high quality times that will create great emotional feelings of success in your family.

Each session includes objectives for the session, activities, sharing through group talk, and more.

Take the lead in your neighborhood and plan a summer party! Contact Deb at drosato@advancedcommunityed.com or call 603-738-1958.

Communication and Parenting Tips

Intense youth are those youth who are often identified as having problems of attention and impulsiveness, learning differences, mood, conduct, oppositional defiance, and autistic-spectrum disorders.

The Nurtured Heart Approach is based on the understanding that intense youth are unconsciously seeking the emotional energy of parents, teachers, and other significant adults in their lives.

Here is the cycle.

The child misbehaves. The adult reminds the child not to do something. The child does it again. The adult then reminds the child not to do it again and gives a 5 minute warning. The child does it again. The adult follows up with a 3 minutes warning. The child acts out again or doesn’t do what he is told to do. The adult then reprimands the child and gives a 1 minute warning. The child does the oppositional behavior again. The adult tells the child in a stern voice to go to the time-out chair.

This pattern of adult-child relationship and system of communication is ineffective.

There is no end in sight and if there is an end, both the adult and the child feel sad about who they are, feel sad about their relationship, and feel emotionally drained.

Once a pattern of getting the attention of an adult through inappropriate behaviors is set in, it is most difficult to put a halt to it – unless you know The Nurtured Heart Approach.

Call today and we can COACH you out of this pattern to a place where you will feel like a better parent, where you feel like you can live and be happy with your child again, and where your child will stop using inappropriate behaviors to gain your attention. There is no need as your child will not only be getting your total attention during appropriate times, but your child will be learning values while he is in a stable mind. Contact Advanced Community Education to assess your coaching needs.

Parenting TIPS

How can you emotionally transform your home from average to beautiful while becoming in balance with yourself while raising, nurturing, and teaching your children?

It is 6am and your family is getting ready for the day. Your child acts up while putting on his socks saying “mommy, can you help me?” and he whines “I can’t do this!” “do it for me, mommy!!” and as he continues, you heat up like a lightbulb by his constant whining and you know that he has put his socks on independently. As a parent, how do you handle this challenging behavior? Do you give energy to him while he is whining? Do you help him to put on his sock even though you know he can do it himself?

One of the things about the Nurtured Heart Approach is that it is based on the understanding that intense youth (often those identified as having problems of attention and impulsiveness; learning differences; mood, conduct, oppositional defiant, and autistic-spectrum disorders) are unconsciously seeking the emotional energy of parents, teachers, and other significant adults in their lives. How can a parent intentionally turn this behavior around? The Nurtured Heart Approach offers the strategies that you are looking for, strategies that are easy to learn and that can be implemented immediately.

Deb offers a TRANSFORMATION FOR HEALTHY LIVING PARTY: Home party to learn strategies to integrate the Nurtured Heart Approach. Book now to hold your summer series of 4 3 hour sessions in your home. Invite your close friends and family to join as Deb will guide you to learn the strategies. This transformational process will enhance your role of parent as you observe your children flourish. Deb currently has openings to begin a new group to include moms and dads with children of a similar age.

Contact us today to learn more or call 603.738.1958 or email drosato@advancedcommunityed.com. Be the first in your neighborhood to hold a TRANSFORMATION FOR HEALTHY LIVING PARTY: Home party to learn strategies to integrate the Nurtured Heart Approach.

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