Courses are created with you, fun, and excitement in mind! Here’s how we help our customers to grow!

The first thing that Advanced Community Education wants you to understand is that courses are based on the educational philosophy that we need to test new learning against our old beliefs and incorporate it into our existing knowledge structures. We are not blank slates.

We are transforming from what we are doing now to what we want to do based on what we now know. You are growing.

The second thing that we want you to understand is that to create real change,  we need to assess our individual current ways of doing and then identify areas to improve. You are growing more.

Once we understand areas to improve through assessment, the courses will then provide opportunities for interactions and socialization. You are growing more and more.

At this point, the courses will help you to identify the appropriate strategies to address the areas to improve. You are growing more and more and even more!

The next thing that the course will help to do is for you to implement those identified strategies. The courses will provide guided questions for reflection and to create action to move forward. You are growing more and more and even more and now you are talking about it with those who are also growing!

In addition to delivering information through the courses, the focus is on sharing ideas and engaging in the construction of knowledge. Learning and growing together that will impact the way that you do.

Advanced Community Education will bring together a community of people who have shared interests and who will grow and develop through conversation and social knowledge.

Are you interested in joining our team of highly effective instructors?

Are you interested in joining the team at Advanced Community Education to offer instruction in areas of professional development for teachers, mental health counselors, doctors, RNs, general and special educators, child care providers, and parents?

Send a resume and a letter of interest to explain your interest, your target audience, and why you think your training is an appropriate fit. Email info@advancedcommunityed.com today!

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