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Get together in home/school/church to learn strategies to integrate the Nurtured Heart Approach.   Learn the Nurtured Heart Approach(R) during 6 2.5 hour sessions. This transformational process will enhance yourRead More

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Consultation and Coaching

Be proactive and learn strategies to raise your children with love, intention, while building your child’s inner wealth. Let’s make the plan today! Contact us to learn, understand, and implement theRead More

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Workshops are offered in your community to parents, educators, mental health providers, community service providers, other professionals and individuals. Nurtured Heart Approach(R): Understanding and promoting inner wealth of children to increase inner wealthRead More

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are you raising or teaching a child diagnosed with ADHD? ADD? OCD? anxiety? depression? Intellectual disabilities? Autism? are you raising or teaching a child with low self-esteem? Learn ways to help support this child.


Advanced Community Education offers consultation, coaching and workshops.

Advanced Community Education, through coaching and training, encourages inner development and growth in relationship. Access strategies and skills to advance your knowledge through fun and exciting education. Foster your child’s development in the present moment with the future in mind. Discover your child’s strengths and motivate your child to his/her greatness.

Improve your life with curriculum that offers unleashed fresh and new ideas.

Learn today to build healthy relationships with your children, friends, spouse, students, clients and those who you meet each and every day.

Curriculum includes and combines Multiple Intelligence Theory, The Nurtured Heart Approach®, 8 Conditions for Student Aspirations, and DIR/Floortime Therapy.

The Nurtured Heart Approach® includes ways to be positive, stay away from negative energy, live your life with intention, stay in the moment and look for the good, plan for a bright future, and encourage greatness in all who you come in contact with. This approach is not a program but a way of life.


We can help you today with strategies to address parenting and teaching children with challenging behaviors and on notching up your skills to nurture the inner wealth of a child!

“Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.”
(Proverbs 22:6)

  • Quote 1: This approach works wonders.
  • Quote 2: I don't know what I did before I became a warrior and used this approach.
  • Quote 3: All things came together for my husband and I when we finally got it!
  • Quote 4: It is all about use of energy and applying your time and effort in to the appropriate places. It is a conscious decision and I choose the way I approach situations.
  • To begin with … The NHA offers children, adolescents, and teens the opportunity to develop a new, internally driven desire to engage in positive behaviors as the result of repeatedly experiencing firsthand a series of successes.
  • The NHA is a practical, realistic, and easily understood way designed to turn the challenging child around from continuously not doing the “right things or acting in an appropriate way” to a new pattern of success.
  • Creating a strong foundation of self-worth and self-confidence has been found to produce increasing success in helping the average child to flourish at higher-than-expected levels of functioning.
  • Meanwhile … The approach is based on the understanding that intense youth (often those identified as having problems of attention and impulsiveness; learning differences; mood, conduct, oppositional defiant, and autistic-spectrum disorders) are unconsciously seeking the emotional energy of parents, teachers, and other significant adults in their lives.
  • In turn … Based upon the youth’s experiences, youth are able to trigger and sustain bigger reactions and emotions from significant adults when they misbehave.
  • Chiefly … Those reactions are identified as “emotional energy”. It is this “emotional energy” that provides a sense of connectedness and relationship with parents and teachers. Children and teens want to get your “emotional energy”.
  • In essence … “Emotional energy” offered by significant adults is the prize and seen as a sign of affection and attention!
  • On balance … The Nurtured Heart Approach teaches significant adults how to strongly energize the child’s experiences of success while not accidentally energizing his or her experiences of failure. Most traditional approaches, because they were designed for the average child, get stretched beyond their capacity when applied to challenging children. Traditional approaches for parenting and teaching can easily backfire with challenging children: they inadvertently reward children by providing more energy, involvement and animation when things are going wrong.
  • Furthermore … Unfortunately, negative behavior gets a whole lot of your “negative energy” (i.e. facial expressions, arguing, yelling, lectures, severe punishment, detentions, suspensions, sending students out of the classroom, etc). From an adult’s perspective, these consequences should result in sufficient unpleasantness for the child and thus, reduce or stop the undesirable behavior. However, for intense children, these responses from adults actually serve as a reward – they usually only stop undesired behaviors for a little while and often only when you are looking. Nothing has actually changed within the youth.
  • Hence … Often, many adults respond with higher levels and/or more severe uses of the traditional methods. For challenging youth, these responses wind up reinforcing their sense that your energy and connection are most likely obtained through negative behaviors.
  • They also feel very confused because they perceive a high level of incentive for pushing the limits and for negative behaviors and little incentive to make successful choices. Often, despite the best of intentions, the harder adults try applying these normal methods, the worse the situation becomes.
  • To continue … The parents and teachers who seek help because of a difficult child are truly caught between a rock and a hard place. They are almost always doing something truly amazing: They are invariably doing the very best job they can with the tools they have.
  • Above all … Unfortunately, it may not appear that way to an outsider and it certainly may not feel that way to them. However, without a doubt, when examined closely, most parents and teachers of difficult children are actually using very conventional and acceptable methods of parenting and classroom management that would have an excellent chance of working well with a child with an easier temperament. The problem is that traditional and conventional approaches
  • the kinds that we are surrounded by on television, in film, books and magazines, as well as in our extended families of relatives, friends and acquaintances, other teachers and administrators, what we were taught to use in college and in many workshops – invariably fall short of the mark when applied to children with strong needs and stronger manifestations of temperament.
  • The exciting news to pay attention to is … The Nurtured Heart Approach is a revolutionary way to facilitate success, self-esteem and greater happiness in every area of life for ALL youth and it begins to work as soon as you start to use it. Children begin to flourish, embracing their unique and positive qualities and increasing their inner sense of worth, competence, and ability to succeed. Parents and teachers acquire strategies to “create” and acknowledge positive behaviors while maintaining specific structure, with a clear set of rules and guidelines.
  • Coupled with … The core values at the heart of the technique are love, respect and compassion. The Nurtured Heart Approach, with its highly effective success rate at home and at school, provides a wonderful opportunity to empower you to:
  • significantly enhance the home or classroom environment, generate healthy or heal damaged adult-child relationships, help challenging children learn to meet their needs for connection through positive and successful behaviors create an environment where all children can flourish into all they are intended to be
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